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Pay per click services to boost your traffic, increase leads, and convert sales.

PPC service has evolved in India over a certain period. It offers an outstanding window to enhance a digital marketing campaign without affecting your budget. Periodic PPC consulting and management is the key to ensure your business does not lose out its scope and space on the web.

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay per click (PPC) is a sure shot way to increase the volume of traffic to your web business and convert visitors into sales. The internet offers various advertising options across several digital marketing platforms. It obviously helps them increase the number of followers without affecting the budget. Most people generally prefer using paper clay campaigns in different search engines available online as it helps them to target potential customers at a reasonable price.

Over time, our PPC experts delivered successful lead generation. Sheetal Infotech is a trusted PPC company in India that aims to deliver unparalleled quality and dedicated services.

PPC Management

PPC management plays a crucial role in online marketing campaigns. It ensures that your potential customers are attracted to your business. Marketing techniques such as contact forms and reviews are cost-effective ways to stay connected to your customers without crossing the budget. Our team of PPC experts are highly trained and qualified. They understand the market trend and prepare campaigns according to the requirement.

Our PPC services India includes much more than mere Google Ads. It encompasses an array of networks, including both paid search and paid social marketing. Regardless of the type of campaign, we ensure your business received the best ROI. From shopping and display to remarketing and Gmail to YouTube, we ensure your business reaches the right place at the right time.

Our PPC Services

We provide professional PPC services in India to small and large business organizations. Our aim is to improve the reputation of your business and increase sales volume. Our PPC team produces and executes profitable paid PPC marketing strategies. We focus on data-driven insights alongside a combination of creativity and technology to drive high-performance campaign making a tangible difference to the bottom line.

We are already helping some of India’s well-known brands and high growth companies to make maximum out of their advertising expenditure. Outsource PPC services to India to save money and time, and get round-the-clock services.

Our PPC Services

We deliver paid advertising services across both searches as well as social platforms. We follow a scientific approach to deliver the best possible ROI. Here’s a sneak-peek into our services, or you can also get in touch with us and discuss your PPC service requirements.

Google AdWords

AdWords has been a powerful tool to drive traffic to your website. We are a team of PPC experts creating high-performance PPC campaigns across Search, Shopping, and Display. Our team utilizes a combination of creativity and technology to gain increased visibility, which contributes to more sales and profitable CPA.

Display Advertising

Achieve strategic online presence by displaying your advertisements to your targeted audience through Google’s contextual advertising network, the Google Display Network (GDN)

Programmatic Display

Use the latest real-time bidding suite and expand your reach to your targeted customers through an unparalleled network of advertisement inventory.


Existing websites can still make more traffic by displaying adverts to visitors who have already visited the site previously. It is possible using the most sophisticated technology, the Google Display Network.

Bing Ad Management

Businesses seeking to explore better opportunities for the ever-growing search engine of Microsoft and the default search engine of Yahoo, Bing.

Social Media Advertising

Any online business can only reach its target audience through social networks. Therefore, social media advertising is very crucial for overall business development. Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are apt for advertising.

Review & Audit

Timely PPC reviews and audits are necessary to understand how well the existing campaigns are performing. It is also the best tool to recognize business opportunities for growth and improvement.

Google Shopping

Our PPC experts are widely recognized for their ability to driver higher sale and rate of conversion. We deliver profitable CPAs despite competitive shopping sectors.

Feed Optimisation

Feeds are a very important part of PPC advertising, especially in the case of Google Shopping. Optimizing feeds make it easier for Google to utilize more information, improve visibility, and increase conversion rate.

Google AdWords Scripts

Google AdWords or Ads scripts are used for building custom solutions to face real business challenges. We create those custom scripts for our clients to make sure the limitations and obstacles of AdWords platforms do not hold the account bank.

Ad Copy Writing

We make sure your advert is focused on the keywords so that your target audience reach your landing page. With crisp content, strong call to action, and continuous testing, we ensure your business gets the right amount of traffic at the lowest possible cost.


No PPC Service is complete without the right amount of tracking, data, and optimization. Optimizing a PPC campaign is the best way to set up a PPC campaign. Provide us with the data we need and get an optimized tracking report.

Mobile Ads

The number of mobile users is rising significantly and so is the number of hours spent on a mobile device. It provides advertisers a huge scope for selling their products and services with mobile PPC.

YouTube Videos

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Millions and millions of people view videos on YouTube regularly. You can promote your ad video and show your banners for better visibility.

Why Choose Us?

  • Process driven approach
  • PPC management campaign planning and implementation
  • Eye-catching ad creation
  • Keyword optimization
  • Landing page optimization
  • Bid optimization
  • Targeted marketing

We are the front-runners in the digital marketing domain. Sheetal Infotech – a PPC company, boasts a record of accomplishment of delivering quality PPC services to potential clients. Check our PPC packages right here.

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